Apostle Keith Williams

Apostle Keith Williams is the founder and senior pastor of Fountain of God Christian Center (FOGCC) Located in Boca Raton Florida. Apostle Williams has received a mandate from God to teach the Kingdom of God and how to live a Victorious life. Apostle Williams is the founder of the National Ministry Leaders Network (NMLN) located in Boca Raton Florida. The vision is to unite leaders as one in unity. Apostle Williams broadcasts to millions of homes on a weekly basis on Victory today program. Apostle Williams is the founder of the Unity of Leader’s sons and daughter’s ministry. Apostle Williams run’s a weekly radio show Victory radio broadcast that airs on our website

Elect Lady Valerie Williams

Elect Lady Valerie Williams is co-pastor of Fountain of God Christian Center (FOGCC) as she teaches with simplicity and understanding through the Anointing of God. Valerie has a love for God’s word and a desire for the body of Christ to rise to their greatest potential through the practical application of God’s word in their everyday lives. Her teachings bring a clear understanding of Biblical truths with an emphasis on walking in victory in every circumstance of life. As the first lady of Fountain of God Christian Center Valerie is a teacher, preacher, and intercessor. She is a Godly role model for thousands of women as she also fulfills her roles as a Wife, Mother, and Grandmother.


Leaders Networking Together As one In Unity